Angela FG

Angela as an alternate reality villainess

Angela (Carrie Fisher; 1956-2016) was a regular character on Family Guy, appearing as Peter Griffin's boss at the Pawtucket Brewery. Angela appeared as a villainess in episode 16.05, "Three Directors" (airdate November 5, 2017).

The anthology episode featured three segments retelling how Peter was fired from the brewery, with the segments being homages to film directors Quentin Taratino, Wes Anderson, and Michael Bay. The Tarantino spoof featured a dark haired Angela firing Peter for being three hours late, sending in a Chrstoph Waltz caricature to tell Peter he was fired. Peter takes a glowing keg from the brewery as payback, but later in the segment, Angela appeared at Peter's home with a hitman, who repeatedly shoots Peter, who asked about his family. The villainess responded that she killed his entire family, right before she shoots Peter in the head and leaves him for dead.

Peter manages to survive Angela's attempt, and he and Cleveland drive to the brewery to get revenge on Angela. Following Peter's arrival, the evil Angela appeared with an army of assassins--all looking like news reporter Tricia Takanawa--and sent them to kill Peter. Peter managed to take down and kill the Takanawas one by one, leaving just Angela, who wielded a pair of swords and lunged after Peter. However, Peter ended up killing Angela by slicing her in half.


  • "Three Directors" marked Carrie Fisher's final appearance as the voice of Angela, with the episode airing less than a year after Carrie's passing on December 27, 2016.
  • Carrie Fisher also played the evil and unnamed Mystery Woman in the classic comedy, The Blues Brothers.


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