Angel Dust

The evil Angel Dust

Angel Dust is a professional wrestler currently competing in RISE Wrestling as a villainess.

Angel Dust debuted for RISE at their first show, RISE 1:  Ignite, on November 10, 2016, defeating Aria Blake in a Phoenix of RISE Championship tournament match. In the main event, Angel competed in a four-way match against fellow tournament match winners Delilah Doom, Kate Carney, and Britt Baker; defeating her opponents to become the first ever Phoenix of RISE Champion. At RISE 2: Ascent on January 27, 2017, Angel promoted her first title defense when she was suddenly interrupted by then-Knockouts Champion Rosemary, who had been attempting to recruit her.

Later in the event, Angel Dust retained her title against Delilah Doom, and after the match, Rosemary entered the ring and confronted both of them. At that moment, Angel shockingly turned heel by attacking Delilah, and later watched as Rosemary continued the assault on Delilah, while also becoming Rosemary's evil apprentice. One day later, the evil Angel successfully defended her title against Britt Baker, but she lost the Phoenix of RISE Championship to Shotzi Blackheart at AIW Girls Night Out 19 on March 11.

Angel Dust, now simply known as Dust due to no longer being an angel, received her title rematch at RISE 3: Medic on July 7, but was unsuccessful. After the match, Dust and Rosemary both attacked not only Shotzi, but also RISE executive Kevin Harvey. At Bellatrix 26/RISE 4: Warriors Rise on September 15, Dust and Rosemary--representing the demonic faction known as Sigma--defeated Erin Angel and El Daluna in the main event. Dust competed in the main event of RISE 5: Rising Sun on November 10: a six-way elimination match for the Phoenix of RISE Championship. The sadistic and psychotic Dust entered with a chair and attacked Deonna Purrazzo, leading to her elimination and Dust's disqualification. However, after Kevin Harvey (now fully under Rosemary's evil control) allowed her to stay, Dust brutally attacked champion Shotzi Blackheart with a barbed wire bat provided by Harvey, which cost Shotzi the title.


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