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Angel is an evil babe in the Pamela Anderson series V.I.P., who appears in the 3 episodes Scents and Sensibility (S01 E05), Thunder Val (S01 E16) and Val Squared (S03 E12).

She is played by Jackie Debatin. In all 3 episodes she is the henchwoman for Dr. Tina Stokes (Angela Harry), who is the brain behind every criminal activity, while Angel is the muscles.

Episode Scents and Sensibility: Edit

Angel breaks into a labatory, knocks out a scientist and a guard and steals a secret formula for Dr. Tina Stokes. When they try to sell it, she takes care of the buyers bodyguard to she their strengh. They want to kidnap the client of V.I.P., so dresses as hotel employee and injects a transmitter into the client. Then she and a partner break into the V.I.P. office for the kidnap. She has a direct confrontation with Valery Irons (Pamela Anderson) and tries to kick her. But Valery uses her Stiletto as weapon and rams the heel into Angels leg. The hurt villainess crawls away. Angel then kidnaps the clients friend by holding a gun at her. When V.I.P. wants to rescue them Angel has a confrontation with Tasha Dexter. Tasha pushes Angel's gun away, blocks her kick and punshes and lands one big hit in the face which knocks out Angel who lays on the floor.

Episode Thunder Val: Edit

Dr. Tina Stokes gets out of prison if she helps the FBI. V.I.P. is there to protect her and they are undercover at a bikini photo shoot at a beach resort. But Dr. Stokes has her own sceme. Angel is watching them with another henchwoman from a submarine (criminals in this show have to much money). Angel and the blonde henchwoman break into the casino hotel wearing diving suits (without ostentation). The blond henchwoman lure Nikki away, so Angel can break into the hotel room. Then she goes to the hotels casino (still in the diving suit) and shoots at another V.I.P. member who chases her and lets Dr. Stokes unguarded. During that the blonde henchwoman fights Nikki in a swamp and dies in quick sand. Angel escapes by running into the ocean (now the dress is useful). The next day during a bikini shoot at the beach, Angel blows up a boat and shoots at the V.I.P. team and drives away on a motorbike, just to distract them again from Dr. Stokes plans. The plan was to steal the formula Stokes should buy from other thiefs. The exchange was watched by the FBI and V.I.P., but Stokes tries to escape on a jet ski with which Angel arrives. The 2 babes drive away but Valery chases them on another Jet Ski.Valery uses a harpoon with a rope and the 2 babes fall into the sea. The next time they are shown together in a prison cell, wearing orange prison clothes.

Episode Val Squared: Edit

The V.I.P. Team protects an ecologist who invented a bacteria. In the beginning Angel helps Dr. Tina Stokes to escape from prison and they are interested in that bacteria. The hired an actress who looks like Valery Irons to get closer to it. Angels job is to look over the real Valery Irons at a spa. Angel first tries to poison the drink of Valery but fails. The she shoots her with poisonous darts through a blowtube but fails twice. Valery and her friend see her and run away. Angel chases them and Valery puts a hot scented towel on her head. Angel scream on pain until Valery knocks her out by pounding a pot on her head. Next we see her bound and gagged with white towels in a towel box. Valery and her friend standing in front of the box saying "not only will this keep her here, it will do wonders for her skin. - You should thank us - biatch". Then they close the box letting the moaning Angel alone in the dark. She is not seen for the rest of the episode.

VIP Villainess Angel-0

VIP Villainess Angel-0

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