Anesthesia is introduced as the "personal assistant" to the current champion Lady X. In reality, she is the mastermind who created Lady X. Additionally, she's responsible for 'transforming' Fujiko Hinomoto into Evil Rose. She is effectively the main villain of the first game. Despite her nickname being "Babyface" it is definitely a name only, as Anesthesia is a cruel and sinister woman, emotionally detached from the the immorality of her research. She shows a callous disregard for others, viewing the other contestants as little more than potential future specimens for her work.

During the first tournament, she expresses interest in Reiko, believing that she caries the same strong genes as her mother and sister. She thinks nothing of pitting Reiko against her own sister. When confronted, she refers to Lady X as a weapon and Evil Rose as her pet...


  • i like collecting strong, beautiful women. What do I do with my collection? I'm glad you asked... I examine them to see whether they will be suitable donors. Every scientist needs her lab rats...


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