Andrea Kent

The evil Andrea Kent

Andrea Kent (Arielle Kebbel) is a secondary villainess of "Mean", episode 5.17 of Law & Order: SVU (airdate February 24, 2004). She was a popular student at Tanner Day Academy and was part of a clique with three other girls: Brittany O'Malley, Paige Summerbee, and Emily Sullivan (the leader). All four girls were vicious bullies, with Emily's biggest target being social outcast Agnes Linsky. As known by Andrea and Paige, Brittany hated Emily and wanted to get rid of her from the group.

After learning that Emily had begun a relationship with Brittany's boyfriend Lukas Ian Croft, Andrea and Paige assisted Brittany in her plan to murder Emily, with Andrea luring her out of her house one night under the pretense of celebrating her birthday. The girls then grabbed Emily, tied her up with duct tape, and shoved her into the trunk of Emily's car. The girls drove around the city for a while, with Andrea at one point shoving Emily back in the trunk when she tried to escape. Eventually, Brittany flew into a rage and began torturing Emily with cigarettes and manicure scissors before killing Emily with a knife, all while Andrea and Paige stood by and watched. The girls then left Emily's body in her car and took a train home after stopping at a restaurant to eat.

When the SVU detectives questioned the girls, Andrea went along with Brittany's attempt to set up Lukas as Emily's killer. But after learning from Lukas about how Brittany and her friends had come to his apartment on the day of Emily's murder and became irritated when he tried to put a pack of beer in the trunk, the detectives brought all three girls in for interrogation. Eventually, after trying to deny everything, Andrea and Paige confessed to what Brittany had done, with Andrea tearfully claiming to have not wanted to hurt Emily. But while on the stand, after Andrea claimed she had no idea what Brittany's real intentions were for Emily, ADA Novak noticed the sapphire ring Andrea was wearing (despite being a Capricorn, with a garnet birthstone). Novak then revealed that Emily's engraved class ring had been missing from her body, revealing that Andrea had stolen it after Emily died. When the judge tried to look at the ring, the evil Andrea tried to claim that Paige had taken it, along with Emily's bloody clothes, and given them to her (which Paige loudly denied, revealing that Andrea had also stolen Emily's purse). After Paige's attorney failed to call a mistrial, Andrea and Paige were sent to prison for Emily's murder.


  • Arielle Kebbel appeared as Cecilia Banks in the 2006 film "Aquamarine".
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