Andrea Esser is a secondary villainess in one episode of the German crime series Hauptstadtrevier (literally meaning: ‘police precinct in the German capital, Berlin’)  (1.6, “Der Vormund” = ‘The Legal Guardian’). She is played by Greta Galisch de Palma.

PDVD 155 (2)

The innocent looking Andrea

Ms. Esser and her husband are posing as legal guardians for underage orphans (hence the episode’s title), but not out of altruistic motives: together with Brigitte Lindner, a high-ranking government official in the Youth Welfare Office of Berlin (and the episode’s main villainess), they embezzle the money destined for orphan children and adolescents.

One of the series’ protagonists, a detective of the “Hauptstadtrevier”, eventually traps Ms. Esser along with her partner-in-crime by telling them (in disguise) that they are getting access to great riches, transferable to them as legal guardians of an underage heir. The greedy Andrea becomes really excited as she spots the sum on the check (supposedly 1.5 Mio €), but her dreams of a life in luxury vanish abruptly as the detective’s female partner shows up, telling Ms. Esser and her husband that they are both under arrest. While the female lead of the series deals with her husband, a visibly shocked Andrea is put in handcuffs by the male detective and will most probably go to jail. 
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