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Andrea (Patricia Sturges) is a minor antagonist in the 1995 horror comedy straight-to-video "The Granny".

The greedy and treacherous family of a wealthy woman named Anastasia "Granny" Gargoli (Stella Stevens) wants her to die so they can inherit her insurance. They decide that murder is the only way to get at grannies money.

Granny lives in a large mansion along with her granddaughter, Kelly (Shannon Whirry).  When her family arrives at the mansion for Thanksgiving dinner and a long weekend together, it is clear that Antoinette does not like Kelly.  The families plan is to put poison in her soup.  All eyes are on Granny as she is about to take a sip of soup.  However, after taking a sip, she spits it out, much to the horror of the greedy family members.

Granny finds out about this evil plan, and orders an eternal life potion by a mysterious preacher Namon Ami (Luca Bercovici).  Although the preacher admonishes her not to take the potion in sunlight, Granny ignores him and drinks it in broad daylight.  She melts into noting but arises from a grave as a vampire-like monster, that has been granted immortality.  

With Granny dead, as they assume, they ship her off to the morgue and the family immediately begins to squabble over the $15 million she left each of them.  Granny returns to the house and starts killing her family to prevent them from inheriting her fortune.

The family consists of Albert (Sandy Helberg), a plastic surgeon who is killed by being slashed to death with scalpels; Antoinette (Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst), a vain bosmy woman who makes love with her uncle David (Brant von Hoffman), who she kills; Junior (Ryan Bollman), the obnoxious kid who likes to wrestle dies when Granny pins him, and then she throws him down a flight of stairs too.

Andrea is seen in the bedroom admiring herself.  She begins stripping, and then sees her mothers minks hanging behind her.  She puts them on, and suddenly they come alive and begin attacking her.  Granny appears in the mirror and mocks her.  Andrea's throat is torn out by the minks.

Andrea later is seen sitting at the dinner table along with the other zombie family members.  The only member standing is Kelly.

Andrea later is burned by the sunlight and dies a third time at the end of the film along with all of the other family members.


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