The evil and adulterous Andrea

Andrea (Nina Savelle) was a villainess from "The Handyman," the opening segment from the penultimate episode of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction's third season (airdate August 11, 2000). She is the mistress of handyman Chad, who was married to his wealthy employer Victoria Beau.

After a dinner date with Victoria, Chad was shown with his mistress, with Andrea expressing her wish to enjoy Victoria's wealth with her lover. At that moment, Andrea and Chad were caught by Victoria, who threw out her philandering husband and threatened to cut him off financially. Following Victoria's threat, the evil Andrea brandished a gun and shot Victoria, who vowed to Chad that he would never get her money and never leave the house.

After Victoria's death, the villainous couple planned to place her body inside a fake wall, using plaster from a machine to seal her. At that moment, Chad tripped over a nail gun, which caused it to go off and nail him to the wall, and the same thing happened to Andrea. After this, the machine activated and sealed the villains to the wall, with the couple suffocating to death. According to the narrative, Andrea and Chad's bodies were found three days later, and their crime was caught on video, as Victoria's suspicions about Chad led her to install a security camera.

Trivia Edit

  • This story was revealed as a work of fiction at the end of the episode.

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BBFF - The Handyman

BBFF - The Handyman

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