Amy Morgan

Villainous conspirator Amy Morgan

Amy Morgan (Lindsey Santlefort) was a villainess from "Once Upon a Crime," episode 4.17 of Castle (airdate February 27, 2012).

Amy's backstory revealed that on May 6, 2005, she attended a fairy tale-themed party with friends Charlotte Boyd and Kristina Curtis, with Amy dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. Owen Thomas, who was dressed as Prince Charming at the party, was extremely high on drugs and got out of Charlotte's car while under the influence. Following this, Charlotte accidentally ran over and killed Owen with her car, and following the accident, she paid for the damages to the car; while forming a pact with her friends to cover up what happened,

Nearly seven years later, all three women were blackmailed by a mysterious person, later revealed as Darren Thomas (Owen's brother and Amy's brother-in-law), who demanded a lump sum of $50,605 from each of them. The evil Amy paid off Darren to continue covering for herself and her two cohorts, but unbeknownst to Amy, Charlotte became paranoid and feared that the truth about the hit-and-run and their pact would come out, and decided to kill her friends. The beginning of the episode showed Amy in her Red Riding Hood costume, as part of Charlotte's evil plan, and running for her life from what she believed was a wolf chasing her. The "wolf" was actually Charlotte, who killed Amy with a drug cocktail and marked Amy's face with a wolf claw as part of the ruse.


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