Amy Dujardin

The evil Amy Dujardin

Amy Dujardin (Fay Masterson) is the villainess of "Dig a Hole", episode 1.10 of Life (airdate December 3, 2007). She was a professor at the University of Southern California in particle physics and the wife of fellow professor, Luke Dujardin. Prior to the episode's events, Luke suffered a crisis of faith and consulted with Zen master Tim Chang for guidance. Chang went missing and was found dead in the episode's beginning, having been buried alive under his Zen center.

Detectives Charlie Crews and Dani Reese questioned Amy and Luke regarding Chang's demise, with Amy stating that she had no relationship with him. This was later proven to be a lie, however, when Dani and Charlie found a photo of Amy with her husband and Chang. The detectives confronted on her lie, leading to the detectives realizing that Amy had been having an affair with Chang. During the interrogation, Luke entered the house with Amy's son Alec, with his Chinese features proving that he had been fathered by Chang.

After Alec went upstairs, Luke confessed to killing Chang after catching him with Amy, under the condition that the detectives not perform a DNA test to prove Alec's paternity and not have the case go to trial. But later on, Charlie recalled how Chang's cell phone records showed several calls from Luke after his disappearance, which contradicted with his claims to have been behind his murder. This served to reveal that Amy was Chang's true murderer, and Charlie and Dani went to confront Luke with the truth with his wife present, with his inability to identify what had been thrown into Chang's makeshift grave (a rose) sealing Amy's fate. Amy confessed to killing Chang, asking her husband to take care of Alec and revealing that she had killed Chang for wanting to leave her. Amy was then placed under arrest (offscreen).

Trivia Edit

  • Fay Masterson later portrayed murderous Senator Melinda Batson from The Mentalist and evil child abuser Laura Williams from CSI: Miami, as well as vengeful villainess Colleen Carter from the 2016 film The Maid.

Quotes Edit

  • "A rose. I threw a rose down there. That's what he called me: his rose. But he thought he could leave me. And that's where he was wrong." (Amy's confession to murdering Tim Chang)
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