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Evil conspirator Amy

Amy (Lucy Allen) was a villainess from Whiskey Cavalier's series finale, "Czech Mate" (airdate May 22, 2019). She and her husband, Seth, were introduced as tourists who visited the bar (the headquarters for the Whiskey Cavalier group), only to be turned away and informed that they were closed.

The couple returned to the bar later in the episode, and were again informed that they were closed, only this time, Amy and Seth pulled out their weapons and revealed themselves as villainous conspirators fo The Trust. The evil couple fired their shots at the group, who hid out from the gunfire. This was followed by other conspirators firing at the bar from outside, and at that moment, Jai Datta managed to retrieve a gun from behind the bar and fire at the couple, killing both Amy and Seth.

Trivia Edit

  • Amy was Whiskey Cavalier's final one-shot villainess.
  • Amy is Lucy Allen's first (and as of this date, only) role.
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