Evil sister Amy

Amy is one of the evil babes from Total Drama season 5.2 "Total Drama: Pahkitew Island". She is voiced by Bryn McAuley (who also voices Samey).

She is the aggressive, impatient, snarky, maladjusted, and cunning twin sister of Samey, who she treats like garbage until Jasmine encourage Samey to stand up to Amy. In episode 3, Amy angrily sees Jasmine and Samey work together and decides to vote Samey off, but Samey tricked her into eating a posion apple, causing her throat sore and allowing Amy to be eliminated in Samey's place. She returned to the island in a later episode to attack and expose Samey's scheme, leading to a catfight between the girls. The episode ended with both of them being eliminated and ejected from the island.

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