Amy 68 Kill 00

The evil Amy is revealed as a villainess

Amy (Hallie Grace Bradley) is a minor villainess from the 2017 movie 68 Kill.

Amy was the day time clerk at the gas station when Chip asked for Monica's address after finding out that Monica had killed Violet. Amy tells Chip that she will let him have the address if Chip first has sex with her. Chip goes into the back room and does just that, before going on his way to Monica's trailer.

When he gets there it turns out that Amy has actually led him into a trap. Amy shows up and kicks Chip in the balls, he is then dragged inside to be tortured for the sadistic pleasure of Amy her friends.

Inside the trailer, Amy says she left work early to watch the torture so it had better be good. At one point Chip almost manages to escape from the evil group, but Amy knocks him out with a golf club. Chip is then beaten with a baseball bat and burned with cigarettes as Amy, and her evil friend Skinny, enjoy watching the sadistic show. Amy is eventually killed when Liza shows up with her psychotic brother Dwayne, with the latter killing Amy with a machete.


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