In the BN-Private Eye Comic: What Dreams made come - a very sexy Villainess named Amelia (!?) catches the tired heroine in a kind of nightmare-dream-feint

A well outfitted Villainess

- with assistance of a laser-device. The EB had a fabulous body, bedroom-eyes (;-)), and wears a formidable outfit during sitting before her pc-desk: High heels, thong, skimpy top and black hold up stockings...!!!

Amelia tortured Betty in several ways (look at the panels) but in the end - the heroine changed the dream with her own will and the table will turned - not only in the dream, also in the real life - so the overstrained Baddie can't managed the new situation... and Betty arranged a comuppance and deserved tit-for-tat response for the sexy EB!


A little uncertain and bashful - look at the gesture of her arms...;-)

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