Amber Flaire

The evil and vengeful Amber Flaire

Amber Flaire (Stella Maeve) is the main villainess from "The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck," episode 6.08 of Bones (airdate December 2, 2010). She is the on-and-off girlfriend of Randy Siminoff.

At the time of the episode, Amber's relationship with Randy had ended, with Randy dumping her to engage in an affair with married teacher Kathy Lyford. Heartbroken and vengeful, Amber planned to kill Kathy, and had planned to enlist Kathy's husband, George, in her murderous plan. Her planned weapon of choice was the Damascus blade, a WWII artifact and one of many things Amber had stolen from a motorcycle shop.

After finding George, Amber revealed Kathy's affair to him, hoping that George would be angry enough to help her, only for George to refuse. When that didn't work, the villainess forced herself on George, unzipping his pants and attempting to have sex with him to make Kathy jealous. When George refused, the evil Amber stabbed George to death with the blade.

When George's mangled remains were found, he was believed to have been shot to death, but it was revealed that he was stabbed. A knife found in Randy's locker made him a suspect, but Hodgins revealed that it was the Damascus blade that was the weapon of choice. Seeley Booth's interview with Jesse Wilson about the blade revealed that it was stolen from him months prior, and that led him and Dr. Temperance Brennan to Amber's direction. The pair uncovered Amber's murderous scheme, with the vengeful villainess denying everything at first, but later saying that she would be out in a year if they could prove it, due to the fact that she was from a broken home. Amber was later arrested (off-screen) for George's murder, among other crimes.

Trivia Edit

  • Stella Maeve later appeared as the villainous Kelsey on Rizzoli & Isles.

Quotes Edit

  • "Even if you could prove it, I'll be out in a year, tops. I'm just a kid from a broken home." (Amber Flaire's callous and indirect confession to George's murder)
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