Evil assassin Amber

Amber (Sarah Sokolovic) is a villainess from "Murdoc + MacGyver + Murdoc," episode 3.06 of MacGyver (airdate November 2, 2018). She is the estranged wife of notorious assassin Murdoc, and the mother of their son, Cassian.

Like Murdoc, Amber worked as an assassin; in fact, Murdoc himself revealed that they first met when they were after the same target. The episode had Murdoc enlisting MacGyver to help him find Cassian, who was abducted for ransom by Benjamin Liu. MacGyver acquiesced after Murdoc revealed that he was holding Nasha, a woman close to MacGyver, captive, and the episode's progression had Murdoc believing that Amber had taken him. Amber had done three years in prison before the events, but had escaped to reunite with Cassian.

Amber shot at Murdoc and MacGyver when they arrived at her apartment, and while she did have Cassian, Amber revealed that he was taken after being left alone for a few minutes. Murdoc and Amber managed to obtain the ransom (doing so via robbery) and the couple and MacGyver made the deal with Liu, who revealed that Cassian was tied up in an abandoned warehouse nearby. After Liu received the money, he faced Amber and asked if she was coming, calling her "Cookie," Murdoc's nickname for her. A bewildered Murdoc watched as Amber suddenly left with Liu, revealing that she was having an affair with Liu and collaborated on their ransom scheme. The callous villainess stated that Murdoc got what he wanted, while what she wanted was the money.

While MacGyver rescued Cassian, Murdoc intentionally rammed Liu and killed him and his henchmen before confronting his evil wife at gunpoint. Regarding her actions, the evil Amber stated that she wasn't cut for motherhood and told Murdoc to kill her. Despite his immense anger at Amber, Murdoc refused to kill his wife, stating that he would not want to call Cassian that he killed his mother. Instead, Murdoc told Amber to run off, threatening to kill her if she ever returned, with Amber agreeing to Murdoc's terms..

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