Amazonia Plastic Man Count Graffiti Meets Plastic Man 00A

The evil Amazonia

Amazonia is a villainess from the cartoon Plastic Man, she appears in the 1980 episode Count Graffiti Meets Plastic Man. Plastic Man is a segmented show from the animated series The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show.

Amazonia is a loyal minion of the evil Count Graffiti; the count wants revenge on the Royal Family of Ocentania after being exiled from the country. Graffiti plans on stealing the royal crown so he can become the new king.

Amazonia doesn’t see a lot of action, but she seems happy to help Count Graffiti with his villainous scheme. The leggy villainess dresses in a blue leotard, with black high heel pumps, and wears long light blue gloves. She is by his side when he steals the princess’ jewellery (which is also a secret key to the crown’s vault), when he kidnaps the King, and finally when he attempts to steal the crown. Because the count is so small, Amazonia will sometimes assist him with height related problems he has, like when he asks her to pick him up so he can look through a telescope.

Towards the end of the episode, Count Graffiti passes his cane to Amazonia, so he can put the crown on his head and confirm his status as the new king. The cane has the ability to draw anything the user desires, and Graffiti frequently used it to draw monsters to attack Plastic Man with. Penny, Plastic Man’s girlfriend, uses this opportunity to take the cane from the evil Amazonia. She then uses the cane to draw a giant cage that traps Count Graffiti and Amazonia as they try to run away. With nowhere to go, the villainous duo are arrested for their crimes.


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