The unnamed Amazon Women are 3 henchbabes from the episode Wall of Sound (S02 E02) of the series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman . Only 2 of the actress are mentioned at imdb, they are Corinna Everson (Amazon Woman #1) and Erika Andersch (Amazon Woman #2).

The 3 bad girls are the security for the club of the episodes main villain. They are muscular and have a threatening appearance. When Lois & Clark later wants to enter the club to stop the main villain, Lois fights all three of them alone. She makes them angry by calling them milk cows and that the should "start grazing somplace else". Lois then pushes a potted plant at #1 and runs away. Then she knocks out #2 and #3 with a sidewalk stand. #1 gets up and threatens Lois with her fighting skills by kicking in the air. Lois gets down and pull the carpet, which lets #1 get down. #1 seems not knocked out but Lois just pushes her face down with her finger in a humiliating way and #1 looses the consciousness. Thats the last we see from them and they are not mentioned later.

These really tough looking henchbabes got their asses kicked to easy by the untrained Lois.

Trivia Edit

  • Cory Everson's other villainous roles include Claudia from Ballistic/Fist of Justice, Mara, Queen of the Mahar  from Tarzan: The Epic Adventures and Kara from Double Impact.


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