Amanda Temple

The villainous Amanda Temple

Amanda Temple (Larisa Polonsky) is the villainess of "Throwing Shade", episode 3.07 of Unforgettable (airdate August 17, 2014). She was the aide for Manhattan Borough President Robert Bright, who was also in the running for Mayor.

It was during a fundraiser being attended by Amanda and Robert that Dave O'Bannon was found murdered. Over the course of the investigation, it was revealed that Dave was conspiring with Amanda and Robert to use Robert's office to illegally send construction contracts to Marcia Harrison, one of Robert's biggest donors, with the goal of improving Robert's chances of becoming Mayor.

But during the fundraiser, a remorseful Dave confronted Amanda and told her that he had changed his mind about the deal and was planning to back out, while lambasting Amanda for her corrupt plans. The argument intensified as an intoxicated Dave began lunging at Amanda, leading her to kill Dave by cutting his throat with a knife. Amanda's fundraiser name tag fell off during the struggle, leading her to burn it before getting a new one later to cover her tracks.

Carrie Wells, however, was able to recall the difference in Amanda's name tag before and after Dave's murder, leading to her being revealed as his killer, with her possession of a rare brand of fountain pen with ink matching that of the burned-up name tag sealing her fate. Amanda was brought in and interrogated by Al Burns, during which Amanda confessed to her corruption and to killing Dave; claiming that she had only acted in self-defense and that Robert knew nothing about her and Dave's plans. Al then asked Amanda about the files Dave had been keeping in a storage locker that were stolen, only for her to claim she had no knowledge of the files and later called her lawyer. But soon after, Carrie witnessed Amanda calling Robert as he was swarmed by the press, leading to the reveal that Robert had stolen the files and had in fact conspired with Amanda in her corrupt plan. Amanda was charged (off-screen) with corruption and manslaughter.


  • Larisa Polonsky also played villainess Chelsea Cole on Blue Bloods.
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