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Amanda Collins, born Helen Collins (Melinda Clarke) was Division's resident psychologist and a master manipulator, then later on its Director. She was played by Melinda Clarke in the 2010-13 TV-Instalment of "Nikita".

She was in charge of preparing recruits and agents, giving their task and often (and somewhat more importantly) their disguise. She would then become a Rogue Agent, working with other former Division and Gogol agents. She was also working with Ari Tasarov, her longtime boyfriend until she betrayed and mudered him. She was finally a member of the mysterious powerful organization known as The Invisible Hand before she was imprisoned for life. After the deaths of Percy, Ryan, and Carla, she became the last surviving co-founder and former Director of Division.Amanda reiterates the La Femme Nikita character of Madeline, the executive strategist for Section One.

Trivia Edit

  • Melinda Clarke's other villainous roles include Velasca from Xena: Warrior Princess, Jessica Priest from Spawn, and a Siren from Charmed.


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