The evil Amanda

Amanda (Linsay Rousseau) is the villainess of "E-N-G-I-N-E", episode 1.11 of the New Form web series Threads (airdate August 29, 2017). The episode focused around friends Kate and Amanda using an Ouija board in an abandoned building, with a spirit spelling out the words "engine" and "Amanda".

Amanda and Kate fled the building after the planchette moved on its own, only to find that Amanda's car engine blown. At that moment, Amanda appeared before the girls' car holding jumper cables, offering to help them get their car working. As Kate assisted Amanda, the woman claimed to be an ultrasound technician at the local hospital and, when Kate jokingly asked what she was doing in such a desolate part of town, she claimed she was waiting for her marijuana dealer.

When the car still couldn't be turned on, Amanda offered to let the two teens sit in her car while they waited for a tow truck, citing that it was too cold to wait outside. As the three sat in Amanda's car, the two teens now thoroughly unnerved by Amanda's odd behavior, Amanda offered to drive them home herself before deciding on calling a friend of her's who was a mechanic. But as Amanda talked on the phone with her "friend", she made a point of stating that the owners of the car were girls. Alarmed, Amanda and Kate fled from the woman's car, and she eventually drove away. Later on, the mechanic revealed that Amanda's car had been tampered with and she learned that the woman they'd encountered was not named Amanda and didn't work at the hospital, suggesting that she had been planning to kidnap the teens and sell them as sex slaves.

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