Amaderasu is the seventh Cardian that Ail and An sent to gather energy for the Makaiju. She had a humanoid appearance and the power to fly, trap people inside bubbles, and shoot thin strings at people to drain their energy. She could also simply blast powerful beams of energy to attack. She appeared in episode 7 of Sailor Moon R.

When the energy from children wasn't sufficient enough for the Hell Tree, Ail and An decided to target babies instead. They summoned Amaderasu to attack a daycare center. Amaderasu appeared from the sun and constricted a group of babies in her strings to drain their energy. Later, Amaderasu targeted more babies and attempted to steal their energy and entrap them inside her bubbles but the Sailor Senshi fought her. After dodging Sailor Venus' Crescent Beam, Amaderasu blasted Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Venus with a beam of light, knocking them out. She then drained Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon's energy until the Moonlight Knight appeared and sliced Amaderasu's face with his rose. Sailor Mercury then used a new attack: Sabão Spray Freezing, and froze Amaderasu solid. Sailor Moon then killed Amaderasu with her scepter.

Amaderasu was portrayed as one of the more evil Cardians, due to the fact that she targets infants over other humans.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original Anime, when Amaderasu traps the babies inside the bubbles and they rise up to her in the sky, she is doing this to shield herself from the Sailor Senshi attacks, as they will not attack her in fear of harming the babies. All references of this were removed in the English dub. All references of Amaderasu/Skulker being associated with the sun were removed as well.
  • In the original Anime, Amaderasu can only say her name or short forms of it. In the English dub she is able to speak.
  • Amaterasu is the creator goddess of the Shinto religion.
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