Amadea Denaris

Evil drug queen Amadea Denaris

Amadea Denaris (Jaime Murray) is the villainess of "An Orphan Walks Into a Bar", the pilot episode of Fox's The Finder (airdate January 12, 2012). She was a powerful drug dealer who utilized a military air field to transport her product. She was also suspected of having three witnesses against her killed, but wasn't presumably not prosecuted due to a lack of evidence.

Military pilot lieutenant Nick Allison began working undercover in Amadea's scheme and was approached by Lt. Sam Royce, wanting a cut of his profits (not knowing that Nick was taking the Oxycodone that Amadea was selling and giving it away for free to impoverished countries). When Allison threatened to report Royce, Royce killed Allison by sabotaging his plane's fuel, causing him to crash into a swamp and eventually die.

A year later, when Nick's son Cooper went to Walter Sherman (who had previously worked alongside Nick during his air force career) for help in finding his missing father, the evil Amadea sent some of her henchmen to kill Cooper. When they failed and wound up in the hospital when Walter's friend Leo Knox stopped the murder attempt, Amadea had them killed with heroin overdoses. Walter and Leo went to question Amadea with Deputy U.S. Marshal Isabel Zambada, who had a strong hatred for her. During the interrogation, Amadea seemed to take an attraction to Walter and revealed the history behind her drug business before throwing the three overboard once they were done. Later on, after finding Nick's body and tying Lt. Royce to his murder, Amadea was arrested after Royce fingered her as his employer--much to Isabel's pleasure.

Trivia Edit

  • Amadea Denaris was the first villainess of The Finder.
  • Jaime Murray is perhaps best known for playing recurring villainesses Lila Tournay and H.G. Wells on Dexter and Warehouse 13, respectively.
  • Jaime Murray's other villainous roles include playing the evil Gerri Dandridge in Fright Night 2, and The Black Fairy on Once Upon a Time.


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