The evil Alyssa

Alyssa (Christina Hendricks) is the villainess of "Murder in the Morgue", episode 1.09 of Tru Calling (airdate January 15, 2004). She was the girlfriend of police officer Justin Burke, who was still in love with his former girlfriend, Nicole Simms. When Justin told Alyssa that he wanted to end their relationship, Alyssa came to believe he was leaving her because of Nicole's upcoming wedding.

Furious, the evil Alyssa armed herself with her husband's gun and went to the church where Nicole's wedding ceremony was being held, where she shot and killed her. When Justin found out what she had done and realized her use of his gun would implicate him, he lied his way into the morgue by claiming to be Nicole's fiancee and tried to extract the bullet from Nicole's body, shooting morgue attendant Davis and firing at Tru Davies (the series protagonist) when they caught him and tried to interfere.

At that moment, Nicole reached out to Tru for help, causing the day to rewind just before Tru was shot. Justin's actions initially led Tru to believe Justin was Nicole's killer and began working to stop him, having a talk with Alyssa at Justin's house in the process. She was unable to prevent Nicole from getting shot, however, and it was as she and Davis were wheeling the gravely injured Nicole into the morgue (unable to take her to a hospital due to construction on the highway) that Tru saw pollen on Nicole's wedding dress. This caused her to realize Alyssa was Nicole's attacker, as Alyssa had been working with flowers when the two spoke.

Shortly afterwards, Alyssa confronted Justin on his front porch, where he contested that their breakup had nothing to do with Nicole. When Justin saw Alyssa holding his gun, the villainess confessed to shooting Nicole and boldly told Justin that all the evidence would make the police believe he was the shooter. As before, Justin went to the morgue to retrieve the bullet, but was persuaded by Tru to allow her and Davis to save Nicole's life so she could testify to Alyssa's guilt. After Tru and Davis saved Nicole, Justin turned himself into the police and Alyssa was arrested for attempted murder (offscreen).

Trivia Edit

  • Christina Hendricks later played evil terrorist Martha Nelp in the CollegeHumor skit EXTREME Interrogation.


  • "I find it so interesting that you broke up with me on the day Nicole gets married." (Alyssa's words to Justin during her reveal as Nicole's attempted killer)


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