Formerly Jeremiah Arkham's assistant, Alyce Sinner is now Director of Arkham Asylum. She claims to be the only survivor of a cult suicide, but in reality murdered her parents fellow cult members. Sinner wears hair ribbons to represent the 7 Deadly Sins.

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Alyce Sinner is the daughter of a couple who ran a Heaven's Gate style cult. When they found that she was in a relationship with a man, they deemed her impure, saying she couldn't pass on with the rest of the cult. Rather than allow her parents to dictate her, she poisoned the cult's drink with cyanide, killing them. The media glossed over the fact that the cult died a week before their ceremony.

She later became the assistant director at Arkham Asylum after it was blown up by the Black Mask. However, she was secretly sabotaging the asylum to drive Jeremiah Arkham mad, as she did not believe he deserved the asylum because the patients were completely uninhibited. She notably insitgated a riot by piping an animation of asylum founder Amadeus Arkham together with a sound clip of him decrying the asylum as useless. Batman was able to stop the riot, however. He told Jeremiah to inquire about the death of Alyce's parents. When the truth was brought out, she attacked him with the Raggedy Man's can opener. She was incarcerated in the asylum following this.

She had killed the Raggedy Man earlier by imprisoning him in a secret layer of the asylum. When he was getting close to exiting, he was attacked by rare Brazilian beetles that live in the intestines of their prey.The Raggedy Man was forced to eviscerate himself to get rid of them, killing himself.

After Jeremiah was charged with being the Black Mask, he himself was incarcerated in his asylum. Alyce was voted by the Gotham Shield to be the new director. However, she maintains contact with Jeremiah, who continues his activities as the Black Mask.

Notably, Alyce has a fixation with sin. She wears ribbons braided into her hair that have the Deadly Sins written on them. She unbraids a ribbon and then experiences that emotion- Wrath, Despair, Gluttony, Pride, Greed, Lust and Envy.

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