In the parallel world seen in the DC video game Injustice Gods Among UsRaven is one of many superheroes who have joined Superman's Regime, as a consequence succumbing to the demonic influence of her father. As a result, Raven is secretly loyal to her father and not Superman, noting that Superman's totalitarian rule will hasten the return of her father.

Like regular Raven, she is voiced by Tara Strong.

History Edit

Regime Raven first appears torturing a captured Deathstroke alongside Cyborg, only to be defeated by Green Lantern, who Raven quickly realizes is not their Hal Jordan.

Regime Raven is not seen again until the battle at Stryker's Island, where she takes control of Green Arrow's body and forces him to attack Insurgency Batman.

The Dark Knight defeats Green Arrow, freeing him from Raven's control. Raven is then knocked out from behind by regular Batman. Afterwards Regime Raven shows up on Themiscyria upon finding out Ares had been helping the Insurgency behind the shadow and confront Wonder Woman, who is able to deduce Raven's true loyalty to Trigon based on her new appearance. Raven however, insists that she serves both, pointing out how Superman's rule will hasten her father's return. Raven then attacks Wonder Woman but is defeated. Her ultimate fate is unknown, but it can be assumed that she was either imprisoned or perhaps claimed by her father.

In her character ending, she defeated Superman, but in battle, she released Trigon. Trigon thanks her as he begins his rampage.

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