Alison Wynn's Mother

Alison Wynn's abusive mother

Alison Wynn's unnamed mother (Michelle LeBlanc) was a villainess from the 2016 Lifetime film, Running For Her Life (alternately titled Run to Me). 

During main protagonist Alison Wynn's session with Dr. Laura Stevens (the film's main villainess), she relived a flashback of herself as a child baking with her mother, who instructed Alison to put in a tablespoon of baking soda. Despite Alison doing exactly what was instructed, her mother lashed out at Alison and told her to put in baking powder, not baking soda, and later slapped Alison when she corrected her. After dumping the batch in the kitchen sink, the evil and abusive villainess informed Alison that her plans for the bake sale were kiboshed because Alison was "too stupid to follow instructions."

Following the flashback, Alison revealed to Laura that her mother's abusive ways began when Alison's father passed away, adding that her mother also began drinking. The maternal villainess pressured Alison to succeed in everything she accomplished, and often lashed out at Alison in disappointment, with Alison tearfully informing Laura that nothing was ever good enough for her. Alison stated that her mother died suddenly due to an allergic reaction to medication, but as another flashback revealed, Alison's evil mother actually committed suicide, doing so shortly after the aforementioned abusive incident. A young Alison went upstairs and found her dying mother, who accused Alison of ruining her life before she died.

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