Alicia Phelps

The evil Alicia Phelps

Alicia Phelps (Rachael Thompson) is the true main villainess from "Veronica Returns," the second season premiere of The Inspectors (airdate October 1, 2016).

Alicia Phelps is the leader of a gang involved in post office robberies. Before the events of the episode, Alicia was arrested for her crimes, but her gang was shown in the episode committing their mail thefts. After seeing a tattoon on the group's female member, Amanda and Mitch paid Alicia (who has the same tattoo) a visit; attempting to get her help on their investigation. Alicia refused, claiming that she plans to go back to a normal life when she is released from prison on the following day.

After Amanda and Mitch capture the group, it was revealed that Alicia was the true mastermind behind the robberies, as she had been running her operation from behind bars. Later on, the evil Alicia was released from prison, only to end up arrested again after learning her true role.

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