Rivers' Lover

Rivers' psychotic lover

Rivers' unnamed lover aka "Alice Flagg" (Ciara Flynn) was a villainess from the 2016 Lifetime film Honeymoon From Hell (alternately titled The Legend Of Alice Flagg). She was the lover of Rivers McCoy, the new husband of the film's main protagonist, Julia McCoy. Rivers' lover was also a conspirator in his plot to kill Julia and make off with her money, with the couple conspiring with bed-and-breakfast owner Hazel Burroughs in their plot, which began before Rivers met and romanced Julia.

Unbeknownst to his lover, however, Rivers had grown to genuinely fall in love with Julia over the course of their relationship, though he still reluctantly went along with the plan he and his lover went through. The plot had Rivers and Julia arriving at Hazel's bed-and-breakfast, with Rivers' lover appearing around the inn as Alice Flagg, a deceased woman who was rumored to haunt the inn. Rivers and Hazel both continuously dismissed Julia's sights of "Alice", this being part of their plan to kill Julia and set her death up to look like she'd committed suicide.

The film's climax had Hazel attempting to kill Julia directly, with Julia escaping and eventually running back into the inn to find Rivers' lover in the kitchen with Rivers, who she had tied to a chair. Julia begged the woman (still believing her to be Alice Flagg) to let Rivers go, only for the psychotic villainess to scream that her name wasn't Alice and hold a knife to Rivers' throat, threatening to kill him if Julia came any closer. Rivers' lover then revealed how the two had conspired together to kill Julia for her money, while also believing Rivers' reluctancy to go through with their plan was because of the revelation that Julia was pregnant.

But when Rivers apologized to Julia and told him that he had fallen in love with her, his psychotic lover broke down and stabbed Rivers, with Hazel blasting her for that due to her jeopardizing their plans. Hazel and her brunette cohort (along with Bear, her handyman and fellow conspirator) eventually decided to flee the house after knocking out Julia and setting the house on fire, with the three fleeing in Hazel's car. But later on, after Julia managed to escape the house alive and was hospitalized while Rivers died in the house when a generator exploded, her father revealed to her that Rivers' lover (along with Bear and Hazel) were killed when they crashed the car at the end of the driveway due to the storm that was transpiring at the time.


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