Alice August

Vengeful murderer Alice August

Alice August is the villainess of "Beautiful No More", case #8 of the crime solving game Criminal Case (airdate November 15, 2012). She was a barmaid at the Blue Flamingo Night Club and friends with Patricia Mills, a stripper at the club more commonly known by her alias Trixie Velvet.

Alice was questioned by detective David Jones regarding Trixie's murder, having been found bludgeoned to death behind Joe's Diner. During the questioning, Alice revealed that Trixie had been receiving anonymous love letters and insinuated that movie theater projectionist Colin Stokes was writing the letters and had killed Trixie, saying that he was obsessed with her.

But the investigation proved that Alice was Trixie's secret admirer--as well as her murderer. Alice had secretly fallen in love with Trixie, and eventually wrote her a letter asking to meet behind Joe's Diner. But once Trixie arrived and realized that Alice was her admirer, Trixie laughed at her and stated that she wasn't interested in women. Enraged by Trixie's rejection, the evil Alice grabbed a hammer and beat her love interest to death, severely damaging her face.

After the detectives proved her guilt, Alice expressed displeasure that her attempt to frame Colin had failed and confessed to killing Trixie, revealing her anger for having had her affections spurned by her. Alice was arrested and judge Olivia Hall sentenced her to 20 years in prison with a possibility for parole in 10, to which Alice proclaimed that she loved Trixie and never would've hurt her if she hadn't laughed at her.


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