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Ali (Kiara Hunter) is a secondary antagonist in six episodes between 1998-1999 for the TV series "NightMan".  The episodes include "The Ultraweb", "Fear City", "The People's Choice", "Double Double", "The Enemy Within" and "Keyes to the Kingdom of Hell".

Ali was a henchwoman for Kieran Keyes, a sociopathic billionaire. Keyes is a computer tycoon, who using his invention, the virtual reality based Ultraweb, to take over.

The Ultraweb

Keyes uses his virtual reality based Ultraweb, to take over Johnny Domino's father.  After killing him, Keyes becomes Johnny's main nemesis.

Fear City

Kieran Keyes returns, this time using the Ultraweb to abduct the players of his company's video game, Fear City.

The People's Choice

Kieran Keyes returns with the intent to become mayor of Bay City. Ali uses her charms to seduce and later frame the original mayor.

Double Double

Kieran Keyes returns and kidnaps NightMan's friends in an attempt to force NightMan to work for him and suggests, perhaps, he and NightMan are brothers.

The Enemy Within

Raleigh suffers a nightmare where Kieran Keyes destroys the House of Soul, which is the club he owns.

Keyes to the Kingdom of Hell

Johnny Domino must clear his name and rescue Raleigh when Kieran Keyes frames him for assault.  Ali first kidnaps Raleigh and his girlfriend (Saskia Garel) and then impersonates the girlfriend.  In this episode, Ali battles NightMan. She is thrown up against a wall and knocked out.


  • Kiara Hunter appeared as Tamara in the 1996 film "Tales from the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood".
  • Kiara Hunter also appeared as cyborg Zee 4R in the 1997 Sci-Fi film Sleeping Dogs.


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