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Alexis White (Katrina Law) is the name of a Fulcrum operative who appears in "Chuck Versus the Beefcake".

She is part of the Fulcrum team which spends the episode trying to recover a data chip that was taken from Brad White's body which had information about the identity of the Human Intersect. In the past, she was a former CIA operative assigned to the Special Forces. She speaks English, French, Russian and German.

Cole Barker was going to meet up with Alexis and her team to obtain the playback device needed to watch the footage. This plan was most likely a Fulcrum trap, which would have ended with Fulcrum getting the chip back.

Sarah, Cole and Casey go to the meeting but are captured when Chuck, who is fingerling with the real chip at the Buy More, accidentally sets off a homing device. When they are all in the Custody of Alexis, Chuck reveals to his team that its videos of him that's on the chip and the Fulcrum agents are after the identity of the Intersect.

The Fulcrum agents try to information by torturing members of Chuck's team which causes Chuck to reveal that he's the Intersect. Alexis White brings a syringe filled with poison very close to Chuck. Chuck, tied to a wheelchair, tries to move away but leans too far and hits his head and passes out. Casey and the team break in to where Chuck is being tortured and corner the Fulcrum agents. Casey demands the leader to tell them about Fulcrum, but she injects herself with the poison in the syringe, committing suicide. Her last words are "Fulcrum wins".

During Chuck's flash on her in the Buy More, the files show Alexis performing several bloody interrogations on both men and women, suggesting that torture may be her particular specialty.

Alexis was briefly mentioned by General Beckman before a review of the Intersect project by a military panel to counter claims by Daniel Shaw that Chuck was going out of control due to the Intersect. Shaw flashed on Alexis's name, and although Chuck witnessed and recognized that Shaw had flashed, was unable to prove his allegation.

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  • Katrina Law later appeared on CSI: Miami as evil hitwoman Ashira Botnick.

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