Alexis Ross

The villainous Alexis Ross

Alexis Ross (Melissa Bratton) is a hidden villainess of the 2015 film The Gallows. As a teenager, Alexis was the girlfriend of Charlie Grimille. The two also starred as the main protagonists, August and Mary, in their school production of "The Gallows", with Charlie replacing Rick Houser when he became sick and couldn't perform. During the play, however, a prop malfunction resulted in the noose Charlie was placed in strangling him to death, much to the shock of Alexis and the audience.

Alexis was first shown in the film's present events at the Beatrice High School auditorium, having been watching the rehearsals of the school's latest production of "The Gallows", in memory of Charlie's tragic death. When Ryan Shoos noticed Alexis' repeated attendance to rehearsals and talked to her, she revealed that she was a part of the original production and was horrified by what had happened to Charlie Grimille.

However, the film's climax revealed that Alexis was also Charlie's girlfriend, and had even had a daughter with him named Pfeifer. It was also (by that point) revealed that Charlie's vengeful spirit haunted the school, and his girlfriend and daughter were conspiring to kill Reese Houser (the son of Rick Houser) as revenge for Rick inadvertently causing Charlie's death. After Reese broke into the school to destroy the set along with Ryan and his girlfriend Cassidy Spilker, Pfeifer snuck into the school and joined the crew before Charlie locked them in the school. Charlie's spirit killed Ryan and Cassidy, and Pfeifer assisted him in killing Reese by luring him into stepping into the noose to save her before Charlie hung him to death.

Alexis was revealed as a conspirator in Charlie and Pfeifer's revenge when she began to clap as Charlie and Pfeifer bowed on the stage following Reese's death. Later on, the police arrived at Pfeifer and Alexis's house, with photos revealing the villainesses as mother and daughter. One of the officers found the two in a bedroom, with Alexis brushing Pfeifer's hair as they watched a video tape of Charlie's ill-fated performance. When the officer read Charlie's name off the tape, Alexis and Pfeifer glared at him, with the latter warning him that he shouldn't say Charlie's name. Charlie's vengeful ghost then attacked the first officer before killing the other one offscreen, leaving the fates of Alexis and Pfeifer unknown.


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