Alexis Hall

The evil Alexis Hall

Alexis Hall (Madeline Zima) is the main villainess from "Full Moon Halloween," the seventh episode of The Nightmare Room. She (along with Todd, Dex, Janet, and Freddy) originally appeared in the episode, "School Spirit," only to turn villainous in "Full Moon Halloween."

In the episode, Freddy invited the rest of the group to his new house, which resembled a haunted house, and later revealed that he suspects one of them of being the werewolf that was plaguing the town--one of its' victims being his younger brother. Freddy used little furry creatures called "plogs" to find out who the werewolf is, and one of them bites Alexis. Alexis denies being a werewolf, and stated earlier in the episode that she had to get home because she had a curfew.

After finding instructions in the box the plogs came from, the group concluded that Alexis was bitten because the plogs had been exposed to light for too long, and they later became rabid and went all over the house. Alexis later berated Freddy after he stated that there was no werewolf and he wanted to hang out with his friends. However, after the plogs were captured and the rest of the group left, Freddy looked around for Alexis, whom he found upstairs in the attic, staring at the full moon. At that moment, Alexis turned heel and transformed into a werewolf, proving the plogs correct. After her villainous transformation, the evil Alexis attacked and (assumingly) killed Freddy.

Trivia Edit

  • Madeline Zima also appeared as wicked stepsister Brianna Montgomery in the teen dramedy A Cinderella Story.


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