Alexandra Schwartz

The evil Alexandra Schwartz

Alexandra Schwartz (Melinda Page Hamilton) is the main villainess from "Watch Over Me," episode 1.07 of NCIS: New Orleans (airdate November 11, 2014). She was a higher-up at Axelrod Industries, which had Commander Darby Wilson as a Navy liaison.

Prior to the episode's events, Schwartz had accidentally emailed Wilson a video that showed a faulty missile test, and after seeing it, Wilson planned to get a second opinion from Shang Lee. Such a test could end up costing the company millions, and knowing this, the evil Schwartz had Wilson killed, sending Oscar Randolph (the head of security) to commit the murder. Not only does Randolph kill Wilson, he also killed Wilson's assistant, Rebecca Ortega, and he made several attempts on Wilson's wife, Katherine.

In the episode's climax, Brody and LaSalle brought Schwartz to their headquarters, where Pride was interrogating Randolph. The duo mapped out Schwartz's evil murder-for-hire plot, with LaSalle claiming that Randolph had revealed Schwartz's role. Brody gave the villainess two options: either confess before Pride enters (for a possible reduced sentence), or remain silent and possibly face execution. Schwartz confessed everything, claiming that killing Rebecca was not part of the plan. At that moment, however, Pride entered and told his crew that Randolph hadn't said anything and he wants a lawyer. Realizing that she was tricked into confessing, Schwartz was arrested and handcuffed by LaSalle.


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