Alcoholic Mother

The ending card for "Call Centre"

The unnamed Alcoholic Mother is an unseen villainess from "Call Centre", a 2005 PSA for the NSPCC ChildLine (alternately titled "We Hear Scared People"). The ad showed a variety of children being shown inside a ChildLine office while calling the hotline, opening on a young girl calling while hidden under a desk.

When asked why she was hiding by the operator, the girl stated that she was afraid and confided in the woman that her mother was an alcoholic, having gone out to the pub to get drunk. The child then became tearful as she confessed that her mother often abused her when she was drunk, while also callously claiming it was her fault that the girl's father (and the mother's husband) left them. The ad ends without revealing the fates of any of the callers shown, apart from the final shot showing a child who died while trying to call the hotline to no avail, leaving the abusive mother's fate unknown as well.


  • The alcoholic mother is similar to another unnamed villainess from a 2010 PSA for the NSPCC ChildLine; both are the unnamed mothers of a daughter, with the ad revealing her to be physically abusive to their offspring.


Childline - Call Centre (2005, UK)

Childline - Call Centre (2005, UK)

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