Monika Schnarre as Alana

Alana (Monika Schnarre) was the villainess in the 1997 episode "Isle of Bliss" for the TV series "The Adventures of Sinbad".

She helps Sinbad and his friends in their quest for a mystical sword, but she really wants the sword for herself. Alana's heel persona is first shown when she displays demonic blue eyes early in the episode, and during their quest, she makes a charming impression on Doubar, to the point that he falls in lover with her.

Alana also antagonizes Maeve, attempting to play on her insecurities over not being the only woman on the ship, and later on, she used her black magic to divert the ship to the wrong direction. Once Maeve became suspicious of Alana, and after she was caught searching her quarters, the evil Alana used her magic to send Maeve overboard in an attempt to kill her, only for Sinbad to find her safely on a boat. Maeve revealed Alana's true game plan: finding the sword for herself, and shortly afterwards, Alana arrived at the Isle of Bliss on her own and searched for the sword.

The villainess finds the sword inside a cave, only to be tracked by Sinbad and his crew. The group managed to retrieve the sword, and afterwards, Alana attempted to manipulate Sinbad into giving her the sword, only for Sinbad to refuse--having seen Alana's true evil colors. He uses the one wish to save Doubar; who was facing death after the attempt. At the end, Alana turns herself into a winged demon to fight the heroes, while threatening to kill Doubar unless she receives the sword. The hero thrusts the sword into Alana and she falls screeching to her doom in a molten pit of fiery liquid.

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  • Monika Schnarre also played Erica Black from Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal.

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The Adventures of Sinbad - Episode 21 - The Isle of Bliss -Season 1-

The Adventures of Sinbad - Episode 21 - The Isle of Bliss -Season 1-

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