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Akivasha (Tia Carrere) was a villainess in the 1997 film "Kull the Conqueror".

Akivasha was raised from the dead by Enaros.  Akivasha resided in the Temple of Set, in Khemi, the capitol of Stygia.  She lived off the priests, magicians, and virgins captured and brought to her.

When Conan came to the Temple of Set, in search of the Heart of Ahriman, he was pulled asside by Akivasha as he walked the corridors.  At first he believed her to be just a fair-skinned maiden. He followed her when she offered to take him to Thutothemes, who had the Heart.  However, whithin her chambers, as she sought to seduce him, he found the empty sarcophagus of Akivasha.  This made him realize her true nature.  Nonetheless, she entranced him with her tale, and sought to make him her own.

She said, "Love me, O Man!  Give me your blood to perpetuate my youth, and I will make you too immortal...for I weary of priests and magicians and captive screaming virgins!  I desire...a man, love me, me!"

As her teeth pierced his neck, Conan overcame her spell and hurled her away.  He drew his sword and threatened to cut her in half if she approched him again.  Then her chamber went black and Conan rushed out of it in a mad panic, leaving behind her hellish laughter.

After Kull wounds Taligara and kills Enaros, Zareta kisses Kull and passes the Breath of Valka to him, who kisses the now fully demonic Akivasha to transmit Valka's Breath and extinguish her flame forever.


  • Tia Carrere appeared as Piper Bowman in the 1990 episode "Kelly Bounces Back" for the TV series, Married...With Children.
  • Tia Carrere appeared as villainess Juno Skinner on the 1994 film, True Lies.
  • Tia Carrere appeared as a villainess in a 1997 M&M's commercial.
  • Tia Carrere appeared as a villainous scientist Joan Maxwell in the 2000 film, Merlin: The Return.
  • Tia Carrere also voiced villainess Snookie in Aloha in the 2005 episode "Aloha, Scooby-Doo!" for the TV series, Scooby-Doo!,
  • Tia Carrere appeared as human trafficker Chao Lin in the 2017 episode "The Enemy of My Enemy" for the TV series, Blue Bloods.


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