Aimee Slocum

The psychotic Aimee Slocum

Aimee Slocum (Jennifer Laura Thompson) is the villainess of "Surveillance", episode 3.17 of Law & Order: SVU (airdate March 8, 2002). She was the landlord of Terry Willard, whom she became romantically obsessed with. But Terry, who was himself obsessed with cellist Cassie Germaine, didn't reciprocate Aimee's feelings.

Angry and vengeful towards Cassie, Aimee attacked Cassie in her apartment, cutting off part of her hair and writing "whore" on her chest. She went on to destroy her cello and plant a note reading "Die, bitch" at her concert hall. When the SVU detectives searched Terry's apartment, under the belief he was going after Cassie, Aimee vouched for him, saying that he was a gentle person and claiming that he was her boyfriend. On the night of a big concert of Cassie's (during which the SVU squad had set up a ruse to lure Terry out of hiding), Aimee attempted to send a "gift" to Cassie: a bouquet of roses with a dead rat included.

After being caught at the performance, Terry was questioned by Benson and Stabler, during which he denied being involved with Aimee and of ever hurting Cassie. Soon afterwards, the evil Aimee shot Cassie in an attempt to permanent eliminate her "rival" (Cassie ultimately survived though). Later, Aimee posted Terry's bail and took him to a hotel room to hide out. Aimee went out to buy groceries, where she was confronted by detectives Munch and Tutuola after they discovered that Terry used her credit card to visit a website he dedicated to Cassie. Aimee claimed that she hadn't seen Terry and was preparing a dinner for an out-of-town friend. When Aimee returned to the apartment, she confessed her feelings for Terry and asked him to come with her to Oklahoma to start a new life together. When Terry rejected her, the psychotic Aimee brutally stabbed him to death. Eventually, the detectives tracked down the hotel room and burst in as Aimee was drying off from a shower. When asked about Terry, Aimee said he was "gone" before going on to confess to her multiple crimes against Cassie. When Stabler saw Terry's clothes and shoes on the floor, he kicked open the bathroom door to find his bloodied body. Aimee is arrested for the murder of Terry Willard.

Trivia Edit

  • Aimee Slocum was Jennifer Laura Thompson's first acting role.

Quotes Edit

  • "I didn't know what else to do! She has so many men. Terry is all that I have!" (Aimee's final lines, revealing her jealousy of Cassie and her obsession for Terry)
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