Agent Thompson is a corrupt FBI agent and a secondary villain in the 36th Fansadox story "Game Over" by Cagri.

Max Lloyd, a wealthy tycoon, abducts a rising tennis star named Tanya Kurikowa, after the woman insults both him and his daughter, Linda. The athlete is continually tortured and humilated for an entire year, until the day that Thompson and her partner, Stone, show up at Lloyd's doorstep. The two agents, having heard that it may have been Lloyd who abducted the woman, request to have a look around the property, and eventually stumble upon the young tennis player, who is chained up naked in the cellar. Stone quickly begins threatening Lloyd, causing the latter man great fear that he is now in very deep trouble. However, it is at that moment that Thompson and Stone finally drop the ruse and reveal their true intentions: that they wish to participate and indulge Kurikowa's horrible predicament themselves. The two agents then proceed to violently rape the woman. 

Agent Thompson 3

Once Thompson and her partner have finished with Kurikowa, Lloyd returns, brandishing a large knife. Agent Stone immediately covers his face and utters "God! He wouldn't!" as he sees the tycoon slowly approach the victim. Thompson, who seemed to take far more sadistic pleasure from the violation than her partner, gleefully chimes back with "He would, chief!" and then proceeds to laugh as Kurikowa is gutted alive before her eyes.

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