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Agent Kouri (Deborah Odell) is the main Villainess in Season 3 'Relic Hunter' Episode 'Mr Right.

Sydney Fox heads to Bali, Indonesia with a friend for a holiday and strictly refuses to take part in any relic hunting, especially if it involves Derek. The agency is looking for a legendary bowl of a princess to be returned to the Indonesian people. The Chinese meanwhile hired a rival agent.

Agent Kouri spends most of the episode undercover at the holiday resort in attempts to get close and seduce the male protaginists so she can be closer to retrieving the artifact.

After Sydney and Derek head out on a relic hunt Agent Kouri sees Gray sat drinking alone by the pool bar. He refuses the seductive red head villainess upon her offer to head to her room. She then decides to discretely hold Gray at gunpoint and takes him hostage.  

As the Climax of the episode approaches Sydney and Derek head back with the artifact only to be greeted with Agent Kouri wielding a gun pointed at her hostage. Derek then explains to Sydney who she is and her motives for wanting the legendary bowl and that's she's been hired by the Chinese government. After a brief shootout Sydney then agrees to an exchange with handing over the relic for Grays safety. Kouri slowly makes the swap but due to her stupidity takes too long gazing into the artifcact, letting her guard down and gets knocked out by Sydney with a single punch sending her head slapping in the mud.

This is the last Agent Kouri is ever seen it's presumed she is arrested.


Deborah Odell also played villainess Miss Whitney Timmons in an episode of 'The Dresden Files'.

Agent Kouri is one of many Henchwoman to be knocked out by the legendary Sydney Fox and her lethal haymaker. The list includes TurleyAnnaCarson Inez,Erica The Erotic amongst others.

Deborah Odell as Villainess Agent Kouri

Deborah Odell as Villainess Agent Kouri

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