Agent Fitzgerald

The evil Agent Fitzgerald

Agent Fitzgerald (Jeananne Goossen) is the main villainess from "Now You See Me," the ninth episode of Unnatural History (airdate August 17, 2010).

Agent Fitzgerald was sent on the case when Matt Palmer, the son of a U.S. Senator, is kidnapped. The kidnapping took place during a magic act performed by Henry, Jasper, and Maggie. It is revealed that the suspects are a dangerous criminal organization known as The Crimson Ring, which is often referred to as The Crimson Orb by its members. While Jasper and Maggie rescue Matt and his friend, Lance Bellini, they remember that Fitzgerald referred to the group as The Crimson Orb; only established members (current or former) call them The Crimson Orb.

Fitzgerald holds Henry hostage, revealing herself as the villainess, and detailed her evil plan to Henry, which included eliminating Matt and Lance. Her motive is solely monetary; she planned to get away with a huge ransom that she insisted that Senator Palmer pay off, and she hooks Henry to a device known as "The Iron Maiden," intending to kill him as well. Jasper and Maggie arrive to rescue Henry, but at that moment, the evil Fitzgerald chased after them. Henry freed himself from the Maiden, and fought Fitzgerald, using sleight of hand to handcuff her and to replace her gun with a deck of cards before finally defeating her. Fitzgerald is arrested for her role in the kidnappings.

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  • Jeananne Goossen later played villainess Harper Hayes on MacGyver, and she also appeared in Angela's Eyes as conspirator Julie Molson, and on CSI: NY as villainous police officer Lauren Cooper.

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