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Ageha Zoness (アゲハゾネス) is a secondary antagonist in the 2003 PC visual novel strategy game "Yajuu Sentai Shibarukan" (野獸戰隊シバルカン) by developer U-Me Soft.

Ageha Zoness is a minion of the evil "Brazo Ness" organization. She is genetically reinforced with insect properties by Brazo Ness scientist RomanSez and is sent to earth with executive HahreNe, after the failure of JuneyLa and her own henchwoman, Sasori Zoness.

Ageha battles the hero force and loses, prompting RomanSez to execute a new experimental ray which causes the minion to grow into a giant. Ageha begins smashing down buildings in the city until she is stopped by the hero team who are now inside their giant mech, which happens to rival her in size. This "Shibarukan Robo" is capable of entering the deep psyche of its pilot and drawing out a "wild power".

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The robo binds Ageha with its "Plasma Rotor" and tears away her clothing, in an initial attempt to humiliate and shame her. It then ties her upside down onto Tokyo Tower and proceeds to molest and torture her, which eventually transitions to full on rape. After climaxing, the Shibarukan Robo uses it's "Wild Beast Sword Super Vibration Erect Strike" (野獣剣・超振動エレクト突きぃぃぃ) to kill her.


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