Agatha is one of the blood-sucking royal vampires who has survived off a young man for 140 years in the animation Sirius the Jaeger.

Appearance Edit

Looks like a tall well-dressed woman wearing long dress and high heels when she was at human-like state. After she lost her left leg and right arm in the first fight with Yuliy, Agatha has added a prosthesis to her right arm that can scratch and a prosthesis to her left leg that is a dual blade.

Abilities Edit

Vampire physiology: Born as a royal vampire, Agatha developed vampire physiologies, gaining high physical capacities and vampire abilities.[1]

Superhuman strength: Agatha has shown to have superhuman strength by jumping high from a bridge only with her right leg.[1]

Superhuman agility: Agatha has shown to have superhuman agility by dodging Yuliy's attacks even with a prosthesis.[1]

Superhuman endurance: Agatha has proven that she has a superhuman endurance by fighting Yuliy for a long time without showing any signs of efforts.[1]

References Edit

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