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Aeroboicide AKA Suzy Paine (Renee Allman) Is the main villainess in the 2001 episode "No Sweat" in the TV series "Black Scorpion".

When Suzy Pain was young she was told that in order to be happy she had marry a rich man.  She exercised day and night- unfortunately, she exercised too much and it destroyed the muscles in her body. All her male doctors told Suzy  that she would no longer be able to walk.  Not wanting to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, Suzy inplanted bio implants in her Body, so that her limbs are now cybernetic, increasing her strength and agility to superhuman levels.

Suzy now owns a health spa and dons a mask while she goes by the nickname of Aerobicide. She has two minions Bend (Faith Salie) and Stretch (Ava Fabian).  Together with them, Suzy loots rich men and forces them to do exercises. Suzy has an intense hatred towards men and is determined to eliminate the City of Angels' population of men, then take over of the city.  Suzy begins to target the wealthiest men of the City of Angels and makes them to exercise until they die.

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Darcy Walker and her boss Captain Strickland (Guy Boyd) go undercover as millionaires in order to bust Suzy.  Unfortunately, Suzy eventually catches onto them and tries to eliminate them.  Darcy arrests Suzy, but is forced to release her - too little evidence.  

Aerobicide and her gang then create a special beer that turns men into childish wimps.  Black Scorpion has a final confrontation with the cybernetic villain.  Black Scorpion uses a remote to control Aerobicide’s body and forces her to critically over-exercise, which causes the villainess to die.

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