Adulterous Murderer

The evil and nameless Adulterous Murderer

The unnamed Adulterous Murderer (Caitlyn Brickey) is a villainess from You're Next, a 15-second horror film released on September 12, 2018. The film opens with the brunette villainess speaking with her lover on the phone, revealing that she had killed her husband in order for them to be together. She then instructed her lover to dispose of her husband's body, while callously throwing her wedding ring in the garbage.

However, upon looking in the trunk of his lover's car, the man found it empty except for the bloody axe his lover used to kill her husband. It was then that the murderess' husband was revealed to have returned as a vengeful zombie, running up behind his wife's lover and impaling him through the back with a pipe. As the adulteress overheard her lover's death on the phone, her undead husband angrily told his evil wife that he was planning to kill her next, though the film ends without revealing the villainess' fate.


YOU'RE NEXT - 15 Second Horror Film Submission 4 (2018)

YOU'RE NEXT - 15 Second Horror Film Submission 4 (2018)

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