The adulterer's psychotic wife

The unnamed Adulterer's Wife is the villainess of "The Other Woman", a short film released by CryptTV (release date April 14, 2017). She was the wife of the film's unnamed male lead, and the opening of the film showed her chopping a cucumber in the kitchen. Her villainous nature was first hinted at by the presence of blood on the knife she was using.

A young woman was shown seated at the kitchen table, and as the woman's husband returned home, it was revealed that she was the man's mistress, named Sarah, as he texted her to "wear something sexy" as he entered the home while claiming to his wife he had to go back to the office.

As the man heard his illicit lover's phone go off and recognized her, she looked up to reveal that her face had been ripped from her. At that, the man's wife was finally shown from the front, revealing that she had attacked her husband's mistress and skinned her face off, placing it onto her own like a mask. As her horrified husband looked on, the psychotic wife wielded her bloodied weapon and asked him if she was "pretty enough for him now". The film ends at that point, leaving the fates of the wife, husband, and Sarah unknown.

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The Other Woman - Short Horror Film - Crypt TV

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