Adrianne 1 Jake and the Fatman
Adrienne Conroy
(Dorothy Parke) is a secondary antagonist in "How Long Has This Been Going On?", a 1988 episode of the crime television series "Jake and the Fatman".

Adrienne is a former freelance private investigator turned "professional" blackmailer. The episode beings with her having taken candid photos of Nelson Boardman's wife, who is secretly having an affair. She approaches the adulterous woman, Diana, and demands $25,000 to keep the the evidence to herself. Little does Diana know, however, that the blackmailer had already given her husband the evidence for money hours before. Nelson strangles Diana to death later that evening, and tries to frame it on Matthew Hammond; the man who she had been having the affair with.

The following day, Adrienne returns to Nelson with a tiny bit of information for him: Wanting to catch even more footage of the affair, she just happened to catch him planting Diana's corpse at the beach house. Cheerily, she reveals that she now plans to blackmail him as well, for both $250,000 and a cushy job in his business. Nelson reluctantly agrees, but is angered when Adrienne refuses to turn over the negatives.

Adrianne 10 Jake and the Fatman

An unexpected reuinion...

Jake Styles is a bit surprised to see his old friend Adrienne at Nelson's home when them come to investigate. He invites her to come to the beach house to take another look around. Once there, he catches her removing a tiny hidden camera from the wall. Down at the station, Fatman grills her for the truth, but she stonewalls him by saying she'll consider it for the promise of complete immunity.

When she returns home, she finds Nelson waiting for her. She tells him that if he pays her even more money, she'll take an "extended trip" to Brazil, so that the police will not have access to her. Having had enough of her sleazy games, however, Nelson reveals that he has already ransacked her home and obtained the negatives. Outwitted, Adrienne goes for the pistol hidden in her purse, but Nelson easily overpowers her, and then fatally strangles her, too.

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