Adrian Barnes

The evil Adrian Barnes

Adrian Barnes (Rachel Hayward) is the main villainess of "Drop Dead Gorgeous", episode 1.13 of Tru Calling (airdate March 18, 2004). She was a former spokesmodel for Julian Barnes Cosmetics and later became the wife of the company's titular CEO.

During the course of the episode, both Adrian and Julian served as judges for the cosmetic company's 5th annual "Miss Fresh Face" beauty pageant. Prior to the competition, however, Julian had a tryst with ruthless competitor Alex Reynolds, who later used a videotape of the act to blackmail Julian into making sure she won the contest. After finding out about her husband's affair, Adrian turned heel and attempted to kill Alex, doing so by inserting a deadly pesticide in Alex's makeup remover. However, Adrian's murderous scheme instead resulted in the death of contestant Jackie Connors, who used the remover before Alex had a chance to after being named the winner.

Jackie reached out to Tru Davies (the series protagonist) for help, causing the day to rewind thanks to Tru's powers. After failing to convince Jackie to leave the competition and ruling out her boyfriend Tyler as a potential suspect, Tru learned about Alex's blackmail scheme against Julian and suspected him of trying to killing Alex to silence her. But Tru came to realize Adrian's villainous nature when she deduced that Julian's motive for killing Alex ended once her demand was met. After being publicly exposed, Adrian tried to argue that Tru had no proof, only for the heroine to reveal that she'd called the police and would be turning over all the evidence she had against her. When confronted by Julian, the evil Adrian stated that Alex had made a fool out of them both and that she couldn't bear the fact that she would the next face of the company. Adrian was then placed under arrest by the arriving officers.

Quotes Edit

  • "She made a fool out of you, Julian. And she made a fool out of me. After tonight, her face would've been everywhere and I couldn't stand the thought of it." (Adrian revealing her motivation for trying to kill Alex)

Trivia Edit

  • Rachel Hayward later appeared in the 2015 Lifetime film Stolen Daughter as kidnapper Martha Dixel.


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