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Adala was a Viking warlord that appeared in the fansadox collection 328: Ocean of Blood. She was a scourge to northern Europe during the 9th century. Adala led her Viking horde on a campaign of carnage, pillaging villages, leading to wanton acts of destruction. Those that were spared from the raids were enslaved, particularly the women who Ada sadistically employed cruel and humiliating methods on.

One such unfortunates was a young woman named Flora, who's father and village was taken from her by Ada's warpath. Adala took immense pleasure in the girl's suffering ordering her to be raped before her. When Flora attempted to escape, Ada quickly notched an arrow into her. As she sadistically tormented her slave she plunged her sword into the girl's chest leaving her for dead.

Adala's path of violence would be her undoing. Being overconfident she aimed for higher heights, eventually the villages she terrorized rose up and ambushed her. Baron Victor claimed Adala and her surviving Viking shield maidens as his slaves. To her shock and horror Flora was amongst those under the Baron's command. Flora promised to maked Adala for all the suffering she inflicted upon her. Ada was stripped of her power and clothes forced to pull the wagons of her captors whist being egged by the people she oppressed. The ruling class of Baron Victor subjected her to numerous humiliating tests after she displayed defiance.

When Flora decide to have Adala to herself, the Viking warlord was sexually tormented and whipped. When Flora decided she had enough fun she was about to kill the Viking wench but stopped by Baron Victor. Adala soon found herself as a cellmate to Flora. Adala taunted Flora at her predicament laughing at the irony and was assaulted by the red-head woman.

Both were forced to have intercourse before the lords for their amusement. Later Adala was forced to drink an aphrodisiac making her sexually aroused. Her display was taken to public and was mocked by the denizens.

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